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Section grammar
1. What’s her job? – She’s ….. lecturer.
2. Are you a vegetarian? – Yes, I never eat ….. .
3. My sister and I ....from Scotland
4. They ….. in London.
5. Where are Geoff and Anne? ….. in the garden.
6. Where … yesterday?
7. They ….. last week
8. I didn’t hear the phone because when it rang, I ….. a shower.?
9. Have you ….. to Canada?
10. Margaret has ….. here since February.
11. When we arrived, the train ….. the station.
12. What ….. do tomorrow?.
13. I can’t see you tomorrow. ….. lunch with Paul.
14. We can start as soon as they …… .
15. When Philip was at school, he ….. speak French quite well.
16. If I were rich, ….. a yacht.
17. Fiat ….. a group of Italian businessmen.
18. Your cousin ….. she lived in a small flat.
19. Do you know where ….. ?
20. ….. she can’t drive, she has bought a car.
Section Reading
1. Read about this piece of England in China and answer the given questions.

The building company Hong Kong Housing is building a new suburb in Shanghai, a city with a population of more than 15 million people. But this suburb is not like other parts of Shanghai. It is a little piece of England. The name of the new area is "English Town". The manager of Hong Kong Housing, Shi Guangsheng, says many people in this area of China want to buy an English house and live in an English town.

"This town is like Bristol or Chester. There is an English square and there are pigeons to feed like in Trafalgar Square, London. There are four English-style pubs and you can buy English beer to drink. There is a canal and you can row a boat there like in Cambridge."

Are there any cricket fields? "No, there aren't any places to play cricket because nobody in Shanghai can play this game. But there is a football stadium like those in England. And the thing we are very proud of is our shopping street. There are several shops where you can buy traditional English food like fish and chips or Christmas Pudding."

The rich Shanghai businessman can do some gardening too. For with every house in "English Town", there is an English lawn and there are long gardens with ponds and tall hedges.

But there is one setback. The houses in this part of town cost a colossal minimum of $400,000!

1. Read about this piece of England in China, then answer the true/false questions.
1. "English Town" is in a Chinese city.
2. These houses are only for English people to buy.
3. There are pigeons in all the gardens. .
4. The English pubs look like pubs in Cambridge.
5. There aren't any cricket fields in the new development.
6. Shi Guangsheng feels proud about the English-style shops.
7. Most houses have a lawn.
8. The houses are cheap.
2. Answer the questions and use 3 words only: 9. Where is the building company Hong Kong Housing located? 10. Tick () 4 activities which people can do in this area:
Section Writing
1 Answer the following questions:
1) Give some information about yourself (job/studies/interests, etc.)
2) Why is English language a necessity?
2 Choose one of the following topics and write about it at least 100-150 words:
1) The person I admire. 2) The most memorable day in my life 3) The best place I’ve been to
Section Listening
1. Listen to an interview with Jessica Ennis. She is Britain's first women's heptathlon champion. Underline the correct answer.
1. The World Athletic Championships were in
2. Jessica missed the Olympics because she injured her
3. She had to work with physiotherapists for ... months to recover.
4. Her mum works for
5 Jessica's coach says that she must be more
6 He told her that she shouldn't
7. Her boyfriend is ... with her when she competes.
8. She keeps her ... by her bed.
2. Read about this piece of England in China, then answer the true/false questions. 9. What kind of people does her mum help? 10. Tick 3 things she has to improve
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